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Stopping beagled service on Fedora, SuSE Linux

March 8th, 2007 by rahul

When you install Fedora Core, it appears the beagle indexing service is started in the background automatically. On my machine, beagle was consuming too many resources. In order to stop the damn thing, I had to tear my hairs!

The beagle daemon for one is not installed as a normal /etc/init.d or xinetd service. The following recipe worked for me, might need to scipt it and launch it from the bashrc when loggin in:

  1. $ beagled –disable-schedule ( this would disable the scheduler)
  2. $ beagle-settings (This brings up a GUI to stop it from indexing, just deselect the options, see the screen shot below)
    beagle Screen Shot
  3. $ beagle-shutdown (now the damn service should be gone)
  4. $ beagle-info –status
    Could not connect to the daemon.

If you see the last line, you are set!

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