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March 1st, 2007 by rahul

Rahul's Potrait

Hi, I’m Rahul,

Current Coordinates: San Francisco Bay Area

I am a software entrepreneur currently devoted to software development tools in a distributed environment. I have over 16 years of deep involvement and experience in the Internet infrastructure, security, application server and enterprise software. Simply love to create great products, particularly new category defining products and emerging technologies to create new markets.

I co-founded WANdisco, an enterprise software company devoted to creating server products for popular source code management solutions like CVS and Subversion. I served as the first CTO till Jan’07, co-Chairman of the board of WANdisco till Feb’07 and remain a major investor. I invented the patent-pending distributed co-ordination engine (DCone) technology that is at the heart of WANdisco’s products. I bootstrapped WANdisco in 2004, taking it to its first dozen customers which included several Fortune 500 companies like AT&T, Sherwin-Williams, Verisign, Sun Microsystems, APCC etc. I was personally responsible for creating the three enterprise software product lines at WANdisco – Replication/Multi-site, Disaster Recovery and Security. In June 2005, I was invited by the British Computer Society (BCS) to speak on , “A New Approach to Distributed Multi-site Development with CVS“. As part of working with open source CVS and Subversion projects I contributed numerous patches, here is a note from the CVS community:

Changes since 1.11.20:

* Thanks to Rahul Bhargava <rahul @ wandisco…>, heavily loaded systems
suffering from a disk crash or power failure will not lose data they claimed
to have committed.

At AOL I dabbled with Web Services security. single-sign on and interoperability via Project Liberty. I co-authored the first version of Liberty Alliance Protocols & Schemas specification in 2002. Subsequently, lead the AOL engineering team that created the world’s first reference implementation of the Liberty Alliance specs. I also contributed significant performance enhancements to the open source AOLServer Tomcat plug-in. By the time I left AOL in Jan’04, the AOLServer-Tomcat servlet container was out-performing Caucho Resin servlet container.

In 1999 AOL acquired Netscape and formed the iPlanet Alliance with Sun Microsystems to jointly develop Netscape servers. I moved to the new Sun campus in Santa Clara to work as the lead architect for the iPlanet Application Server. I represented iPlanet on the first J2EE expert group and defined the architecture strategy & roadmap for the next generation iPlanet application server. I was invited as a speaker at JavaOne 2001 to talk about the deployment aspects of J2EE applications.

Before AOL acquired Netscape, I was involved with several high octane projects at Netscape. The foremost was the ambitious ‘Fargo’ project which was chartered with creating a CORBA based distributed object framework on which all future Netscape Server products would be built. This was a fun creative software team, I worked with some fantastic engineers like Mike Belshe, Rob McCool. While at Netscape, I co-authored the OMG’s IIOP Firewall specifications in 1997.

Prior to Netscape, I worked at Fujitsu Software corporation on the CORBA security specifications. I added SSL support to Fujitsu’s ObjectDirector CORBA product, worked on integrating security technologies like Kerberos v5, SESAME into Fujitsu’s product line.

A techie at heart, I was a PhD candidate at Syracuse University, NY Computer Science department for a few years. I ultimately dropped out with an MS after the lure of Silicon Valley got to me in 1994. While at Syracuse, I worked with Prof. G.C. Fox at Northeast Parallel Architectures Center (NPAC) on graph partitioning applied to load-balancing, distributed-memory parallel computers. NPAC back then was focused on research in data parallel computing using cool supercomputers from Thinking machines.

In 1989, I graduated with a BS in Electronics & Communication engineering from IIT, Roorkee.

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